Cascade Properties is a dynamic, pro-active company that fulfils a specialist role in the Professional Caretaking – a role which, in the recent years, has evolved to become a critical part of contemporary estate living. The need for informed, and personalized customer experience have therefore become the cornerstones of the way in which Cascade Properties sees itself conducting business.

Cascade Properties is backed by 10-years sound experience in the property management- as well as the estate management industry. We believe in rendering a personalized touch with high quality service rendering.

Our primary function is to provide a service which ideally can encompass-

Our Business Philosophy-

The mandate is to take care of the day-to-day running of the complex through close liaison with the Board.

The deliverable ensures that trustees are freed from time-consuming admin; with us following cost effective procurement processes, adhering to planned maintenance procedures and making use of best practice service provider management.

The value proposition is to remove the stress, taking away the routine stuff and promising to achieve outcomes that add real value to the investment and lifestyle enjoyment of both individual unit owners and the Board of Trustees as a whole.

The commitment is to make sure that your investment delivers a growing return, compliant with all policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

The differential advantage lies in our ability to render a personalised touch to the daily management of the scheme whilst promoting a sense of harmonious and good neighbourliness within the scheme.